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L. o. v. e.

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I don't think I can say who inspired me this, because it's kind of cliche..but you can say it's inspired by this amazing girl ;)


I edited this in picnik. I never did that before..and I never knew Picnik was so helpful :DD It totally help me tone down the sharp blue-ness background I had before!!



Gotta stop procrastinating......


I think I'll do tags here (:


1. Exams starts in 2 weeks!!!

2. I'm moving on from that guy. It's not worth waiting for a guy who avoided me for exactly 10 months. Moving to a new country means less connection, but I never thought he'll be avoiding me like this. I'll be in the same place as him next month. I doubt he'll be finding me anyway. Screw that promise of his about taking me everywhere after I come back, don't think that'll happen :/

3. I loove Bruno Marss <3

4. I use to love Taylor Swift. Well I still do, but she sings about stuff that well...frankly I think she sings too much about her life, like how she's the victim of whatever relationship she was in..I like her old songs when she really sings from her heart which I can actually relate to...

5. TEAM JUMBA IN AMAZING RACE. nuff said. <3 I support Mallory and Gary too ;) They're awesome! By the way did you guys see the latest episode? The bear in the race and Michael's reaction made me lol'd XDDD

6. David Choi. WongFuProductions. NigaHiga. YOUTUBE x)) They're my 3 favourites :DD (Nooo not because they're all asian, because they have amazing talents which I like :D)

7. Planning a getaway on an island in Hong Kong in early Jan with my friends :D

8. I cry myself to sleep sometimes. Not anymore but used to :s

9. I finally feel slightly at home here with my classmates, feeling less distant with them. But we have only 2 more weeks and we'll probably never see each other again (they want to change university..)

10. I want a new camera. My brother said he'll buy one for me for my birthday, but...I don't think he will :( I don't have a job either...D:


I stillllll have 2 more tags to do. But they're things I like tag, so I'll do one after exam and then do another one once I get back to Hong Kong, so it's like things I like in Aussie and things I like in Hongkie hahaha ;D


Those tagged...just want to say I love you all for supporting my stream by leaving comments/favorites/views here!! I'm sorry if I forgot anyone :o


22/01/11 - 100 favs THANK YOU <3


Comments off * please comment on newer photos I've uploaded ;D

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Taken on October 24, 2010