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Golden Gate HDR

An HDR version of the Golden Gate Bridge during a break in a 3 day storm that hit San Francisco. The orignal, non-HDR version is here: flickr.com/photos/vgm8383/2371865686/


Looks best: View On Black


[Because of the exposure of this photo and some very valid criticism about the noise and artifacts generated through my rudimentary HDR processing, I have taken another stab at this photo which can be found here: flickr.com/photos/vgm8383/2371803132/. In the newer photo, I converted the photos into a .tif file in Photoshop rather than using Photomatix to convert them. The result was much less noise. ]


I wanted to thank Paulo Antunes for his blog entry at Abduzeedo where he included this photo as one of 20 examples of HDR photography. I am honored to have my photo included with some truly remarkable captures and wanted to thank the author and allt he visitors from Abduzeedo for their kind words. abduzeedo.com/20-beautiful-hdr-pictures


Also, my thanks to Smashing Magazine for selecting this photo to accompany their story on the Best of February 2008. www.smashingmagazine.com/2008/02/29/best-of-february-2008/


Thanks also to SFTravel.com who has placed this photo on their front page: www.sftravel.com.


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Taken on January 6, 2008