Capitol at Sunset

A view of the United States Capitol as the sunset was setting.


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Explore: 11/15/07. Thank you!

  • fantartsy JJ *2013 year of LOVE!* 8y

    Please post this wonderful photo in our thread called, AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL too! Thank you so much, JJ

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    Thank you for posting this to the America, America!
  • Philipp Klinger Photography 8y

    Amazing! Love those rays of light

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  • Karl 8y

    I think this is a great image!
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    Well done.
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  • David 8y

    What a fantastic Capture...You and this shot deserve many Eyes.

    This Great Photographic Art was made by a Diamond Class Photographer!
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  • Darrell Neo 8y

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  • Mark Monday 8y

    Beautiful great comp. and nice sky.
  • Chalkie_CC 8y

    This is definitely one of Flickrs Best

    Well done.
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  • fantartsy JJ *2013 year of LOVE!* 8y

    Thank you for posting this gorgeous photo in America the Beautiful,@ America, America!

    America ball

    "O beautiful for patriot dream
    That sees beyond the years
    Thine alabaster cities gleam
    Undimmed by human tears."
  • yaaris 8y

    I saw this in Super ShotsSuper Shots
  • Leaving Flickr - Family more important 8y

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  • Tyler Landes 8y

  • Dahni 8y

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  • Eleonora 8y

    really great perspective and tones!

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  • snowchik 8y

  • fantartsy JJ *2013 year of LOVE!* 7y

  • passivefamilyincome 7y

    Nice picture. I wanted to let you know that I used your picture on my personal money management.
  • mdezyne 7y

    I am new to CC and I am not sure how all this really works. I think your images are awesome. I want to know if I can post this one of the capitol on a web site. I am working on a school project and designing a site for my sister who is a legal nurse consultant and we want a picture of the capitol in the site. If this is possible please let me
  • Yordan Silvera 6y

    Hi How are you? This Shot is amazing!!
    I want to ask you if I could feature it on my senior thesis (Non commercial) , and if so, I would like to ask you how would you like to get credit for it. (Your name, artistic name, or this flickr account name?)

    Looking forward to hear from you.

  • TigerFang17301 2y

    Hello! I, too, am new to CC. I read the License and would be adapting the work as part of a screenplay poster on Amazon Studios; that site allows persons posting their screenplays to uise an image to convey the basic theme of the storyline. In this case, a young journalist student gets herself entangled in danger while sleuthing a story on a political candidate. The image is used to attract attention, which yours certainly dos well. Otherwise the site puts up a large 1920x1080 black box with the screenplay's title over it. I would like to request permission to use the image until the screenplay is taken down from the site. May I have permission to incorporate the image in a composite, which will also include one of my own photos of my video camera? Please let me know. Thank you.
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