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35) Draw your worst...

#35) Draw your worst [friend]

In our bullpen-style office at the photo archive, Silvi (20+ years my junior) does scanning and data entry at the workstation one over from mine. She hasn't spoken to me in 4 years, a month and two days (= since my birthday in 2006, easy to remember) since I asked her to stop bumping into my chair as she walked past and she denied ever doing such a thing.


Today at a poorly attended inservice (a dozen employees around a table that seats 30)she sat across the horseshoe-shaped table from me, so I got my chance to draw Assignment #35. I had to use pencil because pen would've been too conspicuous - the lecturer and others would've seen that I wasn't doodling or taking notes.


Tools & materials:

Portrait: Pilot Super Grip 0.5 mechanical pencil

Notes & doodle: Pilot G-Tecmatic 07 pen (free with the purchase of three Pilot G-Tec-C4 pens on sale at Szmulewic in the train station - skips, though I keep trying it because sometimes I like a good, dark black line)

Paper: half-sheet of A4 recycled... I'm still shy of using my sketchbook


Venue: The downstairs meeting room at my workplace; third inservice in this series (First Aid, FIre Safety, Emergency Preparedness).

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Taken on February 7, 2010