How to: Basic Bottlecap pincushions

I started making this little pincushions for crafty sewers in my medieval group.

Since some folks asked for a tutorial in comments - here you go! I aim to please! This is the basic tutorial. Most of my bottlecap pincushions you can see in my other set are based in some way off this basic form.

Best viewed in the Slidehow... but each pic does have notes and comments if you click on them.

I use pearl cotton or the cheaper "craft thread" you can find it next to the embroidery floss, and also can buy 24 or 36 skein bags of many colors for like $4-5 at michaels, which is cheaper than the $1.35 a (bigger) skein costs otherwise.

You can decorate with trim or beads (I don't because i rather like them more grippable), but I wouldn't use beads on top, the pins might catch on them. What good is a pincushion if you can't put a pin in it?

Overall these take 30 min or less to make, time well spent and as much as I hate to say it, cute as a button!

Several of my pincushions are featured as projects in the book "Pretty little Pincushions" from Lark Books (November 2007)
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