Gallery: Handmade Bottlecap Pincushions
I started making these in 2006 as a way to have little gifts for my pals who sew without making a HUGE thing. Not liking the ones I found online with uncovered caps or ones using glues and junk I set off to redesign the "bottlecap pincushion" by completely covering it. Hiding it's dirty, unattractive secret.

A little thing turned into a HUGE hit with a huger response. And a book deal, a magzine article, hundred of blog features, an a online store, and over 10K thousand flickr views and TONS of comments.

Want to make your own?

The base tutorial is here - with some others as well!

Several of my pincushions are featured as projects in the new book "Pretty little Pincushions" from Lark Books (November 2007)
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