One Photo a Day 2011
Last year, I made it a goal to completely fill a sketchbook. Something that I haven't done since college. The toughest challenge was to come up with subjects or ideas to draw or paint with the stress of not meeting my goal I often just threw things into the book with no substance. The goal was met, but the book itself (which will eventually be posted at was fun to create, but lacked a theme. I was truly just trying to get ideas on paper.

Yes, the whole purpose of a sketchbook is to jot down ideas for later use. But I felt like there should be more to a book.

In 2011 I will post one picture taken each day (everyday) of the whole year. This task in itself will only be challenging in the 24 hour limitation. To add to this challenge I will shoot, edit, and post every photo using only my cell phone.

Let's see how this turns out. :-|
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