All quiet at Finse (3)

This image was taken at Finse, the highest point along the Bergen - Oslo railway (1222 m / 4010 ft) and a place that can only be reached by train or by ski in winter / on foot or by bike in summer. There are a few cabins at Finse, a hotel and a DNT-cabin.


The title refers to the role this place has played in history. It was used by the German Luftwaffe to test airplane engines under arctic conditions. It was established in 1942, as around that time the Germans experienced huge problems in coping with the climate during the Russian winters along the Eastern front. The title is a paraphrase of the book "Im Westen nichts Neues", or "All quiet on the Western Front". The place is still used by many polar expeditions for training and testing. Also the ill-fated Scott Expedition to the South Pole trained here.


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Taken on March 18, 2012