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Elsie in thought | by Jane Brown~
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Elsie in thought

Had a great day with Elsie. We threaded beads and made her a necklace and bracelet, played "what's the time, Mr Wolf", played musical chairs for her animals without music, played hospitals, I-spy phonetically and sang songs.


At lunch Elsie told me that Daddy said dinosaurs were instinct. I corrected the instinct to extinct and was asked what instinct was . . . difficult to explain to a 3 year old!


Elsie told me that her kangaroo had had a baby doll, and I told her that a kangaroo couldn't have a doll. Why not? because a kangaroo has long ears (hers does). Dolly has ears too. After much back and forth, Elsie declared that her kangaroo was an animal and her doll a person. . . . and then she turned to me and said that anyway, they were both not real and only pretend!


Elsie can be very bossy. So I said that adding 'please' to a command didn't really make it any less of a command. To which she said, with head on one side, pretty please? She listened while I said that she should say to herself - can I do it for myself, or am I being lazy . . . and that it would be better to say. . . would you mind doing such and such, please, because I'm unable to reach it etc ... have to see how that one goes . . .

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Taken on April 26, 2012