Microsoft Vanishing point Fireworks

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    A surprise fireworks show in Lake Union in seattle on 01/27/2007. Taken from my apartment balcony. I saw a barge out in the lake for two days before the show and thought it looked like the fireworks barge used for the 4th of july, but didnt think we'd actually get a show!

    Thanks Microsoft! today is my birthday and you made it very surprising!

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    1. Jess Beemouse 99 months ago | reply

      Rock on man! I kept thinking it was going to end at any moment and I shouldn't ruin the experience by running in to get my camera and then missing it. But I totally would've had time.

      I'm trying to learn to be more zen about letting photo-ops go, haha. It's hard.

      I like fireworks. It was totally for your birthday. :)

      The neighbors chopped down the giant stand of laurel bushes obstructing lower Queen Anne, so I got to see the fireworks reflected in the windows of buildings on the hill... it was really cool. I love the rooftop reflections in your picture here.

    2. veo_ 99 months ago | reply

      yes! It was so surprising I initially thought it was a real explosion. My camera was really handy so I just grabbed it and started taking shots.

      It's hard to be zen about missing photo opportunities...I know I fight with that all the time. Often I see something that I want to photograph SO BAD but I dont have my camera so I just have to let it go and enjoy it in real time. Experiencing exciting things behind a lens is so seductive.

      I'm glad you got a good view of it too. ALSO! The reflection in the water on the rooftop is my favorite part of the picture! Wonder-photo-twin powers activate!

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