Gummy Bear 365 (8/01/07 - 7/30/08)
This is my second Photo-A-Day / 365 Days project.

"Gummy Bear 365"

This year long photo will feature a daily Gummy Bear photo.

The rules are simple:

1.)The photo must be taken, edited and posted between 12:01am and 11:59pm (MST) each and every day.

That is it. Sounds simple, but as I found out last time, close calls and planning do come into play when doing this. I know some people like to take photos and then post them every other day, but I feel that if it is daily photo, it should be just that, otherwise where is the challenge. Setting limitations help make for a challenge and makes my goal of completing the project more fulfilling.

My favorite gummy bear of choice are:
Sugar-Free Jelly Belly Gummi Bears

Update: The project was a complete success. I made it through an entire year without missing a day. I even managed to have my project pop up in a few places. Click here to read about that:
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