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Gummy Bear 365 : Day 015 - August 15th, 2007 | by Kealoha1981
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Gummy Bear 365 : Day 015 - August 15th, 2007

Day 15:


No real story to tell today that relates to Gummy Bears.


I do have a quick story though.


I was in the office this morning and I was fooling around with

Sheri. Not in THAT way.You see one of our co-workers Jill,

had some lemon flavored and bbq flavored almonds on her

desk and I had a few when I walked in, came out of my office

two more times to get some and so Sheri suggested that I get

a cup full of them for my office. Great idea. So I got a cup from

the kitchen and here is where the fooling around happens. I run

out of the kitchen to the main office as if these almonds were THAT

good that I must fill my cup that instant. Well as I made my first step

into the hallway, I shift my weight and begin to turn mid step and

usually I would just continue on my merry way as I continue to run

down the hallway. Only problem is… I was wearing flip-flops and as

my foot came down, my foot slipped on the flop and came crashing

down. I landed on my knee and gave myself a nice rug burn.


First thought was not my knee, but instead my girlfriend who was just

a few feet away, who had just witnessed the whole thing. I was slightly

embarrassed by it. I am just thankful that it happened so early that

nobody was in the office besides the two of us. Otherwise… yeah…

let’s not think about that. The knee is fine, almonds were tasty and

here we have a conceptual piece that I thought up earlier.


Enjoy :)


Side Note: the model of course is my girlfriend Sheri. :D


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Taken on August 15, 2007