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"And we stumbled over the leaves and the branches that had fallen off the trees, all colors had turned to a muddy brown and our shoes got dirty but we didn’t care. It was like everything was just you and me, you and me. Our laughter got caught by the trees and the world seemed to laugh with us. You and me, you and me. The sky got darker and the wind got colder but we sought shelter with each other, and so we found a safe place to hide. We held on tight and didn’t let go until the sun started to shine again, the trees started to bloom again and we knew we were safe to be alone, safe to be alone. You and me, you and me. It’s not all about, you and me. The world will always be there, for you. Or me."


I thought I should maybe share some of my little writings, blurbs of thoughts and creations from my imagination with you. I love writing, but I often struggle to find the words. Maybe I should do it more often, it worked with photography, so maybe writing more often will help me be more comfortable in the realm of words.


I'm sometimes so afraid I can't keep memories from dreams, dreams from thoughts, toughts from reality. Because I'm so behind on uploading, I looked through what's coming up, and 'dreaming' or 'vagueness' or 'memories' (however you interpret it) is a recurring theme in those photos. It's a theme I'd like to explore a little more.


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Taken on November 20, 2011