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Bahamut (from "Final Fantasy X") | by steponabrick
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Bahamut (from "Final Fantasy X")

Today marks the 17th anniversary of Final Fantasy X. So the game is now just as old as Tidus and Yuna are when they embark on their journey to save Spira.


This build has been a passion project of mine for quite some time now. In fact, ever since I first played with LEGO as a kid I wanted to build a dragon. Because dragons are just friggin awesome :D


Additionally I always wanted to build something from Final Fantasy and especially something from FFX. The world of Spira is doomed and depressed and yet all its characters and creatures are colourful and magical. Something about this dissonance resonates with me, which is one of the reasons why I love the designs of FFX so much. And none of the creatures in the Final Fantasy universe is as well-known and beloved as the mighty Bahamut.


The FFX version of Bahamut is particularly unique. He has four wings instead of two and the bright colours and the gold give a nice contrast to his dark blue body.

I've known for years that this is the version of Bahamut I want to recreate and I am very excited to finally be able to show him.


Because the colours used for him are completely different than the ones I used in my MOCs before, I first collected different shades to find the right ones. Becoming familiar with the purple and gold and learning their limitations took quite a long time. I built a few prototypes for his head over the years and in November last year I had the feeling I found the right one.

So I printed out a picture of the body to scale to my LEGO head and immediately realised that this MOC would be much bigger than I initially thought :D


In fact: This became my biggest built so far with more than 10.000 LEGO bricks used. He is over 0,6 meters high and has a wingspan of almost 1 meter.

Also, he is entirely built with only LEGO bricks.

I worked on him for the past 6 months, which is why I only managed to make a few other small builds in that time.


I hope it was worth the wait and you guys enjoy the result! :)

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Taken on July 19, 2018