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Happy Handspun New Year from COLORBOMB Creations! | by Velma's World
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Happy Handspun New Year from COLORBOMB Creations!

1. COLORBOMB 'Chocolat Vert' Bobblesque™, 2. COLORBOMB 'Cyanotic Heart' WoolyBearCub™, 3. COLORBOMB 'Pink Poodle2' (S)craptastic™, 4. COLORBOMB 'Cousteau' LoopyDoopy Minis™, 5. COLORBOMB 'Cotton Candy' Floofle-y™, 6. COLORBOMB 'Love Lies Bleeding' TnT Plus!™, 7. COLORBOMB 'Lite Brite' WoolyBear™, 8. COLORBOMB 'Lip Lock' Lockalicious™, 9. COLORBOMB '☆Ayako Love☆' BOMBastic™, 10. COLORBOMB 'Sleepy Baby' Curlicuey(tm) handspun yarn, 11. COLORBOMB 'Wood Duck' Enwraptured(tm) handspun artyarn, 12. COLORBOMB 'Green Man' Shaganator(tm) handspun yarn, 13. COLORBOMB 'Easter Bunny on Acid' Lockalicious™ handspun yarn, 14. COLORBOMB 'Peekaboo Pink' Hirstute(tm) handspun yarn, 15. COLORBOMB 'Healthy Holly' WoolyBearCub™ handspun yarn, 16. COLORBOMB 'Madras Madness' Sarindipitous™ handspun yarn, 17. COLORBOMB 'Irradiated Spiders' Enwraptured(tm) handspun art yarn, 18. COLORBOMB 'Grape Ape' Raggedy(tm) yarn, 19. COLORBOMB 'Cecil Bruner' Bobblesque(tm) yarn, 20. COLORBOMB 'Mucho Mango' LoopyDoopy(tm) yarn, 21. COLORBOMB 'Sleepy Baby' Singular TnT(tm) handspun yarn, 22. COLORBOMB 'Eau de Toilette' WoolyBear yarn, 23. COLORBOMB 'Wood Duck' Enwraptured(tm) handspun artyarn, 24. COLORBOMB 'Blue Hawaii' LoopyDoopy(tm) handspun yarn, 25. COLORBOMB 'Tiger Moth' Spiralosity(tm) yarn, 26. COLORBOMB 'Straw Into Gold' Spiralosity™ handspun yarn, 27. COLORBOMB 'Wine Mold' Feltanschung™ handspun yarn, 28. COLORBOMB 'Scotch Broom' BOMBastic(tm) yarn, 29. COLORBOMB 'Lovers Leap' Barberpole™, 30. COLORBOMB 'Pretty Bird' Bobblesque™, 31. COLORBOMB 'Love Lies Bleeding Trim' Lockalicious™, 32. COLORBOMB 'Caribbean Dream' Curlicuey™, 33. COLORBOMB 'Framboise' Singular TnT™, 34. COLORBOMB 'Mums the Word' Feltanschung™ handspun yarn, 35. COLORBOMB 'Blue Hawaii' CurlicueyTickler(tm) yarn


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Taken on December 31, 2008