• my "bag." I love these pants, have like 6 pairs of them now. I wear them so often i start to feel like a cartoon character that always has the exact same wardrobe on.
  • hrm... could it be my passport?
  • seamans book for Russia
  • Logitech bluetooth headset for my phone and skype. I really like this one, even more than the bluespoon
  • SE Z520i from hong kong. I only buy SE phones now, such a better phone all around. I think they sell the a version of these in the states now.
  • Stan the Storm trooper who guards my phone calls
  • nano sitting on top of its case
  • timex datalink watch. it isnt the best watch in the world, but i can write little applications for it, which makes it the most useful by far
  • 1 gig usb flash drive for regular stuff
  • half gig USB flash drive with secure private stuff. this is the best USB flash drive design ever, as its all held together with AC cable so you cant loose any part of it. I keep forgetting to order the 2 gig version
  • Guinness Zippo for burning things and drinking afterwards
  • belt pouch
  • gerber Recoil multi-tool. Im carying this because my custom 400 and my legend are in the shop. i cant stand this one, too annoying to close it
  • Inova X0 LED torch. Fav Light Ever. Only wish i could find rechargeable 123A bats.
  • the "holy shit thats bright" Green Lazer II. you wouldnt believe how often i use this. Its hard to think of a day i havent. Slides into the belt pouch with the torch
  • walet
  • Moleskine, book of my life, love of my fingers, guide to my world.
  • extra fine Pilot G2-05
  • keys
  • Fucking Double Tip Sharpies with their Plactic clips! I loose about two of those damn things a week, thus why its missing in this photo. slides into the belt pouch
  • backup fat sharpie as i always loose the double tip one
  • MDR-EX71s for cheap pocket earphones to use with the nano.

Exploded Pants

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Various things i almost always have on me.

My glasses are missing from this photo, as they are on my face. ^^

also check out my Exploded Bag and Exploded Cary On.

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  1. the Max Volta [deleted] 101 months ago | reply

    wait, why can you not find recharchable CR123a's?

  2. JMS JustMeSwe [deleted] 79 months ago | reply

    I love leather wallets!
    It look like your is in back pocket ! ! ! Cool.

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