VEGETARIAN Bodybuilder Great Khali 7 foot 3 and 420 pounds of Vegan Muscle Protein WWE Champion eats No Meat

The LARGEST BODYBUILDER in the WORLD is VEGETARIAN. National bodybuilding Titleholder Dalip Rana is 7 feet 3 inches tall, and weighs over 435 pounds of pure muscle.


To give you an idea of just how big the World's Biggest Bodybuilder is, he out-muscles Arnold Schwarzeneggar by over 200 pounds and weighs over 130 pounds more than Ronnie Coleman. All with absolutely no meat. But as all smart bodybuilders already know, meat and steak are terrible for building muscle, champion level bodybuilders avoid red meat.


And there is no meat in bodybuilding stores, all of the protein powders including whey, soy, and albumin protein supplements are all from VEGETARIAN sources. Even bodybuilders know to avoid eating red meat.

  • Deavman 4y

    Forgive my stupidity, but isn't milk(whey) or eggs (albumen) from animal origin (NOT vegetarian)
  • TobiasNoto 4y

    You're thinking of veganism.
  • vegetarians-dominate-meat-eaters-01 3y

    No problem...

    Ok, Have a seat, school is in session...

    VEGETARIANS are a huge percentage of the world's population, including billions in India, China, Thailand, USA, Japan, the original christians, buddhists, shaolin kungfu monks, mma ufc fighters, etc, and consisting of Multiple types.


    1. Lacto-Vegetarian: A vegetarian who drinks MILK. Eats Dairy products. Eats cheese.

    2. Ovo-Vegetarian: A vegetarian who eats eggs.

    3. Lacto-Ovo Vegetarian: A vegetarian who eats both eggs AND dairy products.

    4. Pesca-Vegetarian: A vegetarian who also eats fish.

    5. Pollo-Vegetarian: A vegetarian who also eats poultry (chicken).

    6. Frugivore: A diet which primarily (but does not have to be 100%) consists of Fruits. (Example: 600 pound Gorilla, primate similar to human beings.)

    4. Nutritional-Vegan: A person who AIMS to AVOID all animal products and chooses to eat NO eggs, NO cheese, NO dairy, and often NO animal products, for the purposes of healthier and better nutrition.

    5. Ethical Vegan: A person who also AIMS to AVOID all animal products and chooses to eat NO eggs, NO cheese, NO dairy, and often NO animal products such as even honey, at all, and *may* also choose to avoid wearing unnecessary leather, fur, etc. Opting for a vegan lifestyle that also damages the entire world less, as well as reaping the nutritional benefits.

    6. VEGETARIAN: The term "vegetarian" is defined as the 'general' term for any individual following a diet in ANY AND ALL of the above categories. The term "Vegetarian" has most-often been applied to those who are "ovo-lacto-vegetarian" eating plants, milk, eggs, and dairy, as this is simply primarily one of the most-prevalent types. Vegetarians who are more strict will object to calling the vegetarian types who eat fish, or chicken and so anyone doing this should specify Pollo-vegetarian, or Pesca-vegetarian instead. Flexitarian can also describe a person who actually may eat vegetarian virtually every day of the week, but perhaps 1 or 2, or perhaps eating meat but only 1 time in an entire month.

    Oh, and vegetarians don't only eat 'vegetables'. Pizza brimming with fresh vegetables, on whole grain crust, with low fat and little cheese, with healthy tomato sauce, spices, even hot tobasco sauce, jalapeno peppers, etc is vegetarian. Vegetarians also eat fruits, nuts, seeds, grains, thai food, mexican food, italian food, barbeque, chinese food, japanese food, vietnamese food, indian food, organic, fresh, raw, and more, all of it vegetarian.

    Vegan and vegetarian food is not bland, in fact it has MORE taste than virtually any meat. What's the big joke about meat? "Tastes like chicken!" Why. Because meat is the one that's bland and all these oddball things from frogs legs to alligator to poultry all taste virtually the same: tasteless. This is proven by the fact that meat-eaters need to add spices to meat to make it taste better. (What's the slogan of KFC? The colonel's secret recipie of 11 herbs and spices, not the 11 tastes of chicken!) Most every spice in the world is vegan. Hot sauces, barbeques are men trying to make meat taste better by frying it over wood, a plant. Then trying to make it taste edible by smearing it with barbeque sauce, once again made from plants, then putting salt & pepper on it, a mineral and a vegan plant. Oregano, Garlic, cloves, fiery hot peppers, far from bland, all vegan. Marinades, A1 sauce, ketchup, mustard, all of these are vegan tastes that meat-heads are using to ADD vegetarian flavors onto tasteless meat to make it taste edible enough to eat. Not to mention hickory smoked meats, using again, vegan plants, hickory smoke flavor on bacon, etc to make meat even taste good enough to be edible by humans. Otherwise you'd be lapping up cold raw meat tissue and sinews and metallic-tasting clotted blood.
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Taken on October 6, 2010
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