VEGETARIAN MMA UFC Vegan Fighter Mac Danzig TUF Winner and Ripped Muscle without Meat

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    VEGETARIAN UFC MMA FIGHTER! - A vegetarian beat up 16 meat-eaters and won the Ultimate Fighter championship and 6-figure Mixed Martial Arts fight contract.

    Mac Danzig is not just vegetarian, but pure vegan, and was the most muscular man on the show.

    Danzig eats No Steak, No Fish, No chicken, No meat, no milk, no eggs, no animal products whatsoever and was the most muscular and beat all of the other steak eating fighters who all lost to the Vegan UFC fighter.

    Steak contains female estrogen, so men who eat beef, and hamburgers and steak tend to feminize themselves with estradiol contained in meat. When a man says they love a "big juicy steak" (note they always use that phrase) that juice they are craving is actually soaked with girls menstrual fluids, estrogenated feminine hormones which make a man more effeminate the more pieces of meat they eat over their lifetime, causing gynecomastia ("moobs"), and wide feminine hips, and soft rounded feminine shoulders from eating steak and meat. Cows are implanted with woman's pregnancy hormone juice using pellets that are implanted by livestock farmers in nearly all cattle's ears, which then soaks beef and steak with effeminate hormones. This is the "juice" in the phrase big juicy steak that a meat-eater is bragging about. It's actually fulfilling their craving to become more on the feminine side. Vegetarians are often more manly because they are not eating human and vet-grade feminine hormones that are in corn and female hormones in grass-fed beef. Watch for someone talking about a steak using the word 'juicy". You'll see that word used by meat-eaters often. And thats what contains potent levels of woman's menstrual juice.

    This is why vegetarians are often stronger and more manly and more solidly muscular than meat-eaters.

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