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Foods that Alkalinize and Heal 1939 : Muesli is the perfect food | by Vegefoodie
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Foods that Alkalinize and Heal 1939 : Muesli is the perfect food


The elements which the body requires may be grouped in three lists, thus:


Get Enough But Not Too Much


Fuel (Carbohyurates and fats)

Total protein

Animal protein



Get Enough





Other minerals

Vitamin B

Vitamin D

Vitamin E


Get More Than Enough



Vitamin A

Vitamin C

Vitamin G


Gove Hambidge, in "Your Meals and Your Money," explains the lists in this way:


We must have enough of all elements listed in the first group but too much is likely to be harmful.


We must have enough of the elements listed in the second group to prevent certain definite troubles, but there is no evidence that an extra-liberal amount of any of them does us any particular good.


There is growing evidence that an extra-liberal amount of each of the elements listed in the third column does us a great deal of good.


Hambidge points out that the simplest, most practical way to get liberal amounts of the four elements in the last column is to include in the daily food supply liberal quantities of:


Leafy, green (spinach, etc.) and yellow (carrots, squash, etc.) vegetables.

Tomatoes and/or citrus fruits.

Milk and milk products.




The perfect food has been devised at last, according to a Swiss doctor. Simple, tasty, suitable for every meal, containing every vitamin. And you will find every ingredient in your own larder.


Here is the recipe, approved by experts:- For one person: Mix into a bowl one tablespoon honey, two tablespoons cream, two tablespoons hot water, one tablespoon oatmeal, juice of half lemon, two apples, (medium-sized, grated), one tablespoon ground hazel nuts; mix all together; serve fresh.


The perfect food is the discovery of Dr. K. Bircher, the Swiss scientist. He worked out the formula for some of the invalids, mainly British nowadays, who flock to Switzerland.


Dr. Bircher gave up test tubes and chemicals and went to his wife's kitchen.


Then he tried the formula on his patients. Almost from the first day they began to gain weight and vigour. Now his patients have it twice a day. Nothing else. Nothing in between.




Snow Liniment for Lung Congestion and Pain Control Here is a remarkable home-made liniment for sore muscles, rheumatic pains, neuralgia, lung and heart congestion. Beat 2 whole eggs and one extra yolk with 4 oz. turpentine. Add 4 oz. of malt vinegar and 4 oz. water, 2 ounces at a time, beating vigorously after each addition. Simply spread over affected parts.


Bitter Herbs and Barks - The bitter teas and tonics prepared from a multitude of herbs and barks have long been recognized to be of great therapeutic value. To these may be added certain bitter vegetable antiseptic preparations which may be taken internally and which, too, have a decided effect in inhibiting the growth and multiplication of bacteria. Certain of these preparations are extremely helpful for the condition noted on page 25 regarding mucous congestion in the digestive tract. Let your Health Food dealer advise you in these matters. Of real value, too, not only because they enable many to eliminate coffee with its harmful substances from the diet but because they have distinct medicinal properties, are certain of the coffee substitutes, particularly those mode from whole grains and containing flaxolin.


Vitamin Concentrates - We have already noted the advantages of securing our high amounts of vitamins through natural foods. However, there are occasions when extra vitamins may be needed at a time when food of any kind is contra-indicated - at the onset of a cold, for example, or when threatened with pneumonia. At this time the special vitamin concentrates such as vitamin A and D capsules, fish liver oil preparations, etc. may prove of value. Particularly in the winter time where many dietaries are necessarily low in vitamin A and when many have little opportunity to permit the sunshine to create vitamin D, added amounts of these vitamins in fish oils or other wholesome form can only contribute to higher health.


For Constipation - Soak a tablespoonful of wheat bran in a glass of lukewarm water for several hours. Strain and take a tablespoonful three times a day. The ones with no muscular weakness of the colon but suffering merely from constipation, can take more of this extract at a time. Those with bad muscular weakness should begin with small doses taken more frequently. Quick action can bo had with this extract by taking it on an empty stomach. A good way to take this is in citrus fruit juice.


Bitter Tea - The bitter tea from carrot tops or leaves is used for drying up ulcerations and is reported to have worked wonders in rectal abcesses. It is a good internal antiseptic and ranks with grape fruit bitters (see page 34) for this purpose.


Internal Bath Through Isotonic Solution: This solution is composed of salt and water of the same specific gravity as the blood, consequently it can pass through the intestinal tract without any interchange or absorption. It thus acts as a cleansing agent for the entire gastric and intestinal tract without any irritation whatsoever. People who through pathology in the tract, or previous mistreatment by errors in diet, or the

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