My two bits for Tuesday.

1. My in-laws went on many trips in the '80s- one of those trips was to Sweden. My MIL made friends easily and everyone loved her dearly. They are both gone now but Tom and I have so many wonderful memories of times together.

While in Sweden, Nina met a woman named Maryann- they became fast friends and she took my in-laws under her wing sightseeing as well as into her home. That was one of the best trips they ever had.

When they returned home, a package awaited- in it was this Dala with a note from Maryann- " though we are miles apart, the distance can never break our friendship, love, Maryann".

Maryann and Nina were friends- they spoke on the phone every week and went on more trips together...in the end, their passing was even within mere weeks of the other.

2. This little horse sits in our den, among Tom's treasures, and within it, the loving memories of that friendship between two women so many miles apart rides on.

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Taken on June 20, 2010