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    1. EmilyNorton 112 months ago | reply

      Those are so much better! Companies are dumb sometimes. "Good Branding Gone Bad" is a good description for the new logos imo.

    2. vanderwal 112 months ago | reply

      The undented UPS logo is nice to see again. It seems they used to take better care of their packages.

      I also prefer the old Kodak logo and the old intel logo. I really like the new AT&T logo icon, but not the typeface.

    3. richard winchell 112 months ago | reply

      Paul Rand did say that he wanted to redraw the package in the UPS logo, but they wouldn't let him.

      The new AT&T globe is better, but neither one of ther logos has particularly good type. That original Intel logo is very 70s, but it's much nicer than either of the revisions they've had since then.

      Oh, brand consultancies, why do you ruin perfectly good things just to make some extra money in applying your new logos to everything?

    4. blurb 112 months ago | reply

      I wonder what the design community said back when these were introduced.

      Rand is great and all, but that UPS logo looks skimpy and dated.

    5. exdeco 112 months ago | reply

      But does making something that looks skimpy and dated by simply beveling it make it new and relevant?

    6. sizeight 112 months ago | reply

      I agree the new AT&T globe is much better, and I like the lowercase font they used.

      I prefer the old intel logo because the dropped "e" has a slight resemblence to the tracks on a circuit board. The new logo looks like a million other logo's out there today with the "swooshing" thing.

      Kodak also had a gem, but it does look a bit dated. On the other hand the new logo is just weak and uninspiring.

      The old UPS logo is a classic but the new one is not bad at all. I like the fact that they added a bit of colour.

    7. Mark Hurst 112 months ago | reply

      I think all four of these (old) logos are superior to the new ones. Maybe for AT&T I would have just deleted the letters and left the globe, a la Nike's swoosh, but otherwise I don't see any need to spend money "refreshing" any of them...

    8. egoodman 112 months ago | reply

      Why, Jeff, do you taunt me with what I've lost? I have to put the new monstrosity on all my official communication now, and it's breaking my heart. I mean, not that the old logo was so great, but the dropped "e" had some retro charm. Perhaps in 10 years the swooshy circle will have some late-90s retro charm too. Perhaps.

    9. flameproof 112 months ago | reply

      Although I see the points being made about the typefaces, I must admit that the new AT&T and UPS logos look much more attractive to me. The originals were designed when full colour was far too costly to be used day-to-day; why should logos be monotone these days?

    10. EmilyNorton 112 months ago | reply

      Interesting point Blurb...Did people hate these when they first came out, and are some of us clinging to them now because they're familiar?

      But isn't familiarity part of branding?

    11. Blip 112 months ago | reply

      AT&T needed the change, but they did it very badly, even though I agree with the lowercase. The others needed just a touch, not necessarily the bevel UPS thing. Intel looked pretty up to date to me, if I hadn't seen the brand before I might say the old logo was the new one.

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