May 2014: Crossing the Lines
2-5 PM, Saturday, May 17, 2014
At the home of Lionardo Matamores

Curated by Sehba Sarwar, Rob Block, Jimmy Castillo, Michelle Garcia, Karen Martinez, and Monica Villarreal.

Participating artists include Devil Killing Moth, Harbeer Sandhu, and Samhita Sunya (Houston); Sabina Haque and Naila Mahmood (Pakistan); Britto Arts Trust, Shadhin Chowdhury and Sadya Mizan + Tanvir Murad Topu (Bangladesh); Peace Street (Afghanistan); Patricia Vázquez (Portland/Mexico City); and, Adriana Trujillo + José Inerzia, Mónica Arreola, and Alejandro Cossio (Mexico).

Photos by Logan Sebastian Beck

In this living room art production, local and international artists work together to transform a historical Near Northside home by interpreting the phrase, Crossing the Lines, as it relates to art, politics, and social issues. Addressing how humans traverse, avoid, or manipulate the borders and barriers we create for ourselves, these artists seek to compel audiences out of their comfort zones to trigger an exploration of how boundaries shape our physical spaces and our socio-political identities. Please bring your family and join us for an afternoon filled with art, community, food and Saint Arnold's beer!
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