Oct 2013 - Marking History!
A VBB Borderlines production
12-2 PM
October 26, 2013
Moody Park

This production is the first event in our newest living room art series, Borderlines, which will explore shared issues between two regions- India|Pakistan|Bangladesh + USA|Mexico- through multidisciplinary arts productions in a variety of spaces in Houston's Near Northside.

We began this series at Moody Park in remembrance of Jose Campos Torres, who was murdered in 1977 by HPD officers, and the resultant uprising that took place in May 1978

The afternoon included an opening blessing by Danza Azteca Taxacoyoltl, a reading by Dee!Colonize, a sound installation from Karachi named Chayn Ki Bansuri (or The Flute of Peace), and a shrine/altar installation.

The production was curated by Monica Villarreal.

Photos by Logan Beck.
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