November 2010 - Living Room Art: Women's Voices
a vbb living room art production
Women’s Voices: Alice Valdez and Sheema Kermani
Featuring Aisha Gazdar, Vanessa Cerda, Sheherzad Kaleem, Diana Muñiz, Sehba Sarwar, Yunuen Perez Vertti, Gypsy Walker, and Gwen Zepeda

8 pm, Saturday, November 6, 2010
Home of Larissa Lindsay and Stuart Bailey
$ Free

Photos by Burnell McCray

VBB is an organization that has long recognized and learned from individuals who have taken risks by speaking out. This fall, VBB’s season will kick off with Women’s Voices, a new production from our much-loved living room art series that took place in a historical 1888 Houston home located in Sixth Ward, just around the corner from the Multicultural Education and Counseling Center for the Arts (MECA). The show recognized the services provided by the arts center and the leadership role played by MECA’s Founding Director and latina icon, Alice Valdez, who has given voice to many Houston artists including Gwen Zepeda and Vanessa Cerda, who will both perform at the event. Like all VBB living room art productions, Women’s Voices will parallel issues of Houston neighborhoods with those in Pakistan. This year, the production shed light on art and community activism in Pakistan through a documentary by Sheherzad Kaleem about a grassroots Karachi-based arts organization, Tehrik-e-Niswan, led by dancer/actress Sheema Kermani. Included in the production was a documentary by Aisha Gazdar about Pakistan’s Women’s Action Forum, a protest group that grew during the 1980s while Pakistan was run under the US supported right-wing military dictatorship of General Zia. The evening featured installations by Sehba Sarwar, Diana Muñiz, Gypsy Walker, Larissa Lindsay and Yunuen Perez Vertti. Also part of the experience was an open mic. As always, there was music, food, drinks, and surprises.

This show was cosponsored by Arte Público Press, Geo TV (Pakistan), Houston Institute for Culture, Pacifica Radio KPFT 90.1 FM and Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast. The goal of VBB's living room art productions are to continue juxtaposing joys, struggles and successes in the US and in Pakistan.
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