VBB Presents: Monitor 10
7-8:45 PM, Saturday, Februrary 21, 2014
Baker Ripley Neighborhood Center, Chase Opportunity Center, 6500 Rookin St., 77057

Voices Breaking Boundaries (VBB) presented Monitor 10: South Asian Experimental Film + Video (72 mins). Curated by SAVAC (South Asian Visual Arts Centre) in Toronto, Canada, Monitor is dedicated to the presentation of experimental short films and videos by/and/or/about South Asians from all around the world.

After the screening, moderator Marian Luntz (MFAH’s Curator of Film and Video) led a panel discussion with Dr. Sucheta Choudhuri (UH-D faculty), Danielle Dean (Core Fellow in Residence at the MFAH Glassell School of Art), and Michael Sicinski (UH faculty) to contextualize the socio-cultural atmosphere informing the short pieces and to discuss the experimental film conventions being used or subverted by the filmmakers.

Photos by Os Galindo
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