Horns rev offshore wind farm

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    Aerial picture of Horns rev wind farm in Denmark

    1. Biking Nikon SFO 14 months ago | reply

      Fantastic illustration of downwind turbulence! I've always wondered what it would look like if we could see it. Now I know! Do you happen to know the meteorological conditions on the day? Temp., Humidity, Pressure, Dew point?

    2. joblessone1 14 months ago | reply

      "...Pressure, Dew point?" ...version of PhotoShop? :-) Funny that some of those are forming to the right of the primary wind turbine, and some to the left...

    3. Biking Nikon SFO 14 months ago | reply

      I differ with you on this one, joblessone1. If you assume the condensation is happening at the water surface then yes, it would look offset. If, however, you look at it as though the point of the turbulence is at the same elevation as the center of the turbine, then they look appropriately aligned. I'm not sure what motivation anyone would have to falsify such a shot anyhow. From the pattern of the condensation and surface fog, it certainly looks as though the temperature was near dew point and the turbulence triggered additional condensation. Interesting. It's not a phenomenon I had seen caught on camera before, though I've often wondered what pattern the down-stream turbulence would make from this sort of turbine. I assume it's an important issue for positioning of the turbines, since turbulence over time would likely affect the functioning of the downwind turbines, and possibly the maintenance needs. Oh, and how come your photostream is totally blank?

    4. glicumo61 14 months ago | reply

      Great picture !

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