I love how sheer Tunisian crochet can be. Easily and simply.
This is a dressy sequined silk and kid mohair version of the Mesmer Tunisian Veil crochet pattern that I'm immensely pleased to be publishing this month.

The Mesmer Veils are fast and easy Tunisian crochet lace. Although this design is a fun way to combine scrap yarns, I designed it to make fancy, pricy yarns last longer.
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"Mesmer III" is the third of three versions. This one is photographed as a stole (rectangular wrap or wide scarf). I'm testing a simple vest option for it right now.
Mesmer I is a pink silk and mohair fringed scarf, and Mesmer II is a test of craft store yarns: crochet thread and crinkled bamboo. (I think of that one as "Marshmallow" and I like it ruffled.)
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