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Autotelic Interrogation of A Spirochette

Four cyanotypes gussied up for the "display:inline; width:25%; sidereal-relation:10px auto" crowd.


Coating was accomplished by brush onto gelatin-fattened vellum through a tiny lampshade I occasionally use to roughly coat in a circular fashion.


I put the fat, wide-mouthed end of the shade to the paper and wait for knocks on the door. No such of course because our world is terrible and merciless.


Thus, I ream the fucker out with my emulsion laden brush and expose it to crazy radiated sun-fastness.


I assume most cyano-fellers simply coat a whole sheet and then print with an opaque mask -- this strikes me as entirely practical and full of what Baudelaire referred to as "the tendency of Fools to gainsay their imagined accomplishments."


Which is to say, the circle isn't really the point is it ?


But hold on ... everything is cool.


The process goes like you imagine: sun pushing, contact printing, digital negatives assembled, hours of deadly push-ups and related physical conditioning, ammonia, tannin, some vinegar for my coffee.




I'm still working on grappling. And with 'dimpling' a cosmogeny, a process absolutely inspired by R. Fludd's "Utriusque cosmi" -- probably the single most influential piece of art I've ever eaten.

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Taken on August 12, 2011