Hand made red gum guitar, pick-up and valve preamp
I picked up a bit of dry ghost gum that came off a tree with the recent winds and decided it should be a guitar.

I hit the wood with a chainsaw, router and sander, sealed it with linseed oil and made it into a 3 string guitar (tuned DAD at the moment).

The guitar also sports a homemade pick up and built in valve preamplifier.

A 6GM8 dual triode is used as the bridge on the redgum guitar and also as a switchable preamp tube running from a 6v supply.

The heater and plates of the tube run directly from a 6v lithium camera battery clipped in on the end of the guitar.

I have added in an on-off/ bypass knob also.
The knob turns on the preamp, and when turned off bypasses the circuit so the pick-up can run unboosted.

All the wiring is enamel wire to keep the real DIY look to this thing going, I have used small ceramic caps, which I normally shy away from but used them in this guitar as they seem to add a little extra something to the sound.

The output from the guitar has been boosted dramatically at least 6 fold making it a much more useable instrument and something I will have alot of fun messing around with.

Not sure if I'l add frets yet?

I'll post another video when I restring it, I busted a string giving it a good run in earlier.

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