• My suite ! and you know who hare my girl company LOL
  • I will stay here next door... that top suite will rock the building! - AdeleS
  • I'll take this corner suite - GreyGooseMartini
  • I'm at the bar! Anyone up for a quick beer? - Magzbee
  • where are the binoculars??? - fouramjava
  • I want this corner, please!! - AntonioArcos aka fotonstudio
  • I'll be here.. gonna jump off from window if someone play with fire!!!! LOL!!! :D

    just ring me up for an extra binocular! :P - Jeremy-G
  • Jacq and Andele definitely in!! hehe!!! - Jeremy-G
  • Il Balcone del Duce è mio - The Mussolini's balcony is mine :-P - Patrizio R. Dell'Anna
  • Can i be the grumpy old man in this one who knocks on the ceiling with a broom screaming "TURN THAT BL**DY NOISE DOWN!" :P - Will Fuller
  • hahahaah LOL
  • Lol
    the usual voyeurs LOLOL
  • For information , on the left after 100mt Strip tease club 21 , 50€ at person LOL
  • Adele ? mmmm i think no ! LOL
    Jacq shure !!! LOL xxxxxxx
  • this sunny room for me, please. :) - Sabinche
  • The corner suite! The one with a great view and the big bed! - Kaos2
  • you should see what I'm seeing from this window...... - *hb19 (R.I.P.)
  • My mother always says I'm on the clouds...You can find me there. Bring some beers if you come to say hello... - disgustipado
  • I'll take the green balcony! - *MichelleLynn*
  • Roflmaolol!! :D - Jeremy-G
  • *my imagination starts running wild!!!!!* :P - Jeremy-G
  • Im in!! cause i know you're going to get a special discount on behalf of me!! hahaha!!! - Jeremy-G
  • your wife is in here talking with the private investigator about your "photography trips" to Napoli :-) - Dean Forbes
  • I don't want orgy today, so I will stay there. And to much strange noises in the naughty building! :-)) - David-Duchens
  • That's me just coming into land. Get my room ready Val - Ducatirider -
  • do you get something special for 50€ there?? LOL - David-Duchens
  • too big suite for 1 partner only!! :-)) - David-Duchens
  • I am in the opposite building norty! :-)) - David-Duchens
  • sh...
    I mean
    schade ( pity peccato)
    I am late!!
    Anyway here! - ! . © Angela Lobefaro . !
  • very naughty girl here! maybe will move in this room :-))) - David-Duchens
  • I'm here my friend - Lutz-R. Frank
  • Room Service I'd like a cappucino please! Pronto! - _Bonnie_
  • dear son maked good !! - agedsenator
  • mmmmmmm ;o))) - jacq77
  • O yesss now possible to start the party !!!!
    DAvid I'm the boss okey ?
  • yes my brother
    more more special naughty things here LOLOLOL , but 50€ only for enter LOLOL
  • lol no orgy , but you have choice one room up the strip tease club HAHAHAHAHAH
  • hey Lutz !! i'm happy for this ...now i call Karine LOLOLOL
  • big bed ? lol very very naughty LOLOL
  • but of course big bed! one needs room to move around! hehehe - Kaos2
  • let me have my tea. what's this noise? - .ZOT
  • I'll stay here :oP - Giuseppe Parisi
  • too much people on this hotel!! - JuanRa_k
  • I'm that guy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - robertkills
  • Only the basement this time ... I still have an open invoice from Valerios last hotel - aremac
  • this room got good view of sunset! - wee_photo
  • Hi! Hi! Hi! Hey Flickr friends...you'll be in a fine mess... I'll see all your story in your beds... I'm in the laundry!!! :))) - Denis Collette...!!!
  • omg - i'm too late....................... - silviaON
  • here is where i stay!!! thank you amico!!! :))) - mac_raw
  • i'll join you guys!!! lol - mac_raw
  • questa libera qui così posso vedere il tramonto dal letto!!! - peia... missing you!!!
  • What kind of photo can I get from this window? - linda yvonne
  • Che caos di note! Sono numerosissime e creano un effetto divertente sulla facciata dell'edificio. - LucaPicciau
  • I am here to keep a track who left when and with whom..? ha ha ha..
    I am so late to come.. - rabidash*
  • this one - Örlygur Hnefill
  • ok ! i'm here with lutz! - strelitzia ---
  • Where are the firemen ??? - bleuet / Anne-Marie
  • Please bring me some coffee right now Valpopando - the service in this hotel is slow... comon valerio! - Stuck in Customs
  • Castle in the Sky - 3rd foundation
  • Happens to be my room. Can you keep it down please? Tryin' to sleep here... - Enchanter of Camelot
  • I'm with Antonio ! - NieckQ-
  • I'm here inside an UFO and my alien friends wants to stay in the penthouse!!! :DDD - ISIK5
  • I´m a lucky guy... i found one for me! Helmut - HeLMut G.

Devil Hotel (have fun LOL)

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now start the Reservations for the suite in the devil naughty best hotel in Napoli
Hi hi hi hi hi .....
good dirty night at all LOL

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  3. Bakar_88 67 months ago | reply

    Great editing!

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    This is stunning...

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    This is a piece of art!
    You are invited to join and add this amazing picture to A Black Rose


  7. johnofarch14 63 months ago | reply

    perfect perspective!!! nice shot and a nice hdr...

  8. Maurizio M. 63 months ago | reply

    Scatto bellissimo.... ottimo lavoro.

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  10. Gislaadt Art 49 months ago | reply

    Excellent job, bravo !!

  11. Mr Multiplicity2007 48 months ago | reply

    Great perspective.

  12. Dawn Woodhouse 48 months ago | reply

    fantastic image

  13. MistiQefilm 44 months ago | reply

    WTF? this is so Beautiful O.o

  14. Christophe Pfeilstücker 44 months ago | reply

    Terrific image. Detail and composition are just perfect.

    If you want you can have a look at mine and I hope you'll enjoy the visit.

  15. Fotostube.de 37 months ago | reply

    Really great work.
    Greetings from Bavaria, Germany

    Fotos kaufen, exklusive Bilder & Fotokunst kaufen

  16. XXL20 32 months ago | reply

    super photo :-)

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