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Rose's Dungeon Map | by Denara
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Rose's Dungeon Map

This is a map that my 5 year old daughter Rose made for running a Dungeons & Dragons game for her father and older sister.


The red numbers were added by me during a conversation to create a "key" for the map. Some of my notes are direct quotes from her, where others are paraphrased. I intentionally tried not to clean up language for the map.



1 Cherry trees and big rats (the rats are eating the cherries).


2 Door to the church


3 Stairs to the basement (the basement is level 1)


4 Gold pile with lots of rings & jewelry


5 Little drawer with lots of dresses


6 Room with not much interesting there. There are evil dogs in this room (the circles).


7 Plain room


8 Room with alot alot alot of bad wolfs


9 Lots of hills they had to walk up to get to the place.


10 A huge spider "I hate spiders, that's why I made a big spider!"


11 "There is alot of men sitting together and they were like totally there to fight, they were ready and had a plan to fight us."


12 Room where people used to come in and sit.

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Taken on September 20, 2006