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Ducking out for a while ... | by pearceval
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Ducking out for a while ...

Back to work tomorrow after a week off and VERY busy for the foreseeable future so as stated a week ago my uploads will be much less frequent for the next couple of months (maybe longer) .. I'll try to post every so often and not disappear as I did last year, and will also add some here though some of these might come and go, or get added to this stream at a later date.

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It was a bit upsetting to see the other day, but another family of ducks, a mother and 4 ducklings had been cornered by a swan which kept attacking the mother. As the mallard moved away from the duckings to distract the swan away from them a crow swooped in and grabbed one of them. The distraught mum flew back to them straight away and managed to get them them down onto the water. As they swam away the attacking swan followed them with it's mate and two cygnets (all twice the size of the duck) and I heard the commotion repeated further down the lake, with the crows still hovering around. It went silent after a while, so I'm guessing none of the ducks survived. I know it's nature, though I could understand the crow's behaviour more than the swan. While I love swans they can be remarkably aggressive for no 'apparent' reason.

These pics were taken a little later on another pond, where another duck and swan family were swimming around quite peaceably near each other.


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Taken on July 16, 2009