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The Advanced Guard | by Vaionaut
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The Advanced Guard

He snatched up his wand from his bedside table and stood facing his bedroom door, listening with all his might. Next moment he jumped as the lock gave a loud click and his door swung open.

Harry stood motionless, staring through the open door at the dark upstairs landing, straining his ears for further sounds, but none came. He hesitated for a moment and then moved swiftly and silently out of his room to the head of the stairs.

His heart shot upward into his throat. There were people standing in the shadowy hall below, silhouetted against the streetlight glowing through the glass door; eight or nine of them, all, as far as he could see, looking up at him.


Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, Chapter 3




So finally my third scene is here. You'll find out soon, why it took a bit longer again and I hope you'll like the reason.


Anyway now we see some members of the Order for the first time here. We have two Aurors here: Nymphadora Tonks with her flashy hair and behind her Kingsley Shacklebolt. Where's Moody? Well, he has to wait a bit, because I'm still looking for a cheaper kitbash alternative than the official minifigure as I don't own it so far...


But now it's time to mount your brooms and take off — they're waiting for us at the headquarters!




If you haven’t seen the first four parts so far, please have a look at the albums of my predecessors.


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You can also find all the vignettes in our flickr group.


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