Tres Rios Wetlands 6-30-2012

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    I think this is a Click Beetle, I have only seen one once before and both times they flew straight at my face. Bugs don't normally bother me but I'm not really comfortable with bugs in my face. I smacked this one and stunned it so I was able to get a few pics before it flew away, If anyone can ID it I would appreciate it.

    1. margarethe brummermann 33 months ago | reply

      Chalcolepidius apachianus was my first thought. Indeed a Click Beetle. But this one has a lot of white, so it could be C. webbii instead. Tres Rios WL is in the Phoenix area? I will make further inquiries. Please consider to let us use the photo in the digital UAIC collection, of course with reference to you as the photographer.

    2. margarethe brummermann 33 months ago | reply

      You can visit the collection here
      Our goal is a reference collection for insects of Arizona

    3. vai_boy 33 months ago | reply

      Thank you for the ID. Tres Rios is in the Phoenix Area, I've added the photo to the map
      for you. Feel free to use the image for the digital UAIC collection. If I find another I will try to get better photos.

    4. margarethe brummermann 33 months ago | reply

      Thank you! Any AZ insect photos of good quality that show the whole insect, straight dorsal is best for most, will be appreciated. Hopefully they can all be identified to the species. I will crop this one before posting. How shall I reference you?

    5. vai_boy 33 months ago | reply

      I forgot my full name wasn't in my profile, it's Jeff Ritz.
      I don't have many dorsal shots of insects but you are free to look through my old insects set.
      Most of the shots are from my backyard in west Phoenix.

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