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We glanced at the clouds passing a mountain like a wave passing a stone. We did not turn around and run.

We stood there overwhelmed by what our eyes were seeing and watched the clouds crawl above our heads.

The wind began to blow strongly.


The sound of the mirror ,rolling back and forth, pierced through the eerie sound of the wind. The sun was not eclipsed by the cloud,yet. The Golden Hour beckoned upon us. I pressed the trigger with the mirrored box to my chest. I did not want to see this wonderful sight through a mirror.


I shifted to F0 and took a deep breath. I felt a sting as my eyes burnt and the air raced to my lungs. I opened my eyes to let in the sight. My brain began to saturate as it started to recover from the Trance.

I held the camera to my eye and composed. My mind began to wander and began to think like a Butterfly's flight pattern. My all seeing eye tried to picture a flap. A simple flap triggering an epic chain of events.

My understanding of impossibilities did not hinder my train of thought. The EYE visualised a butterfly, halfway across the globe, flapping around. IT even thought about what the Butterfly's Ganglion'ish brain could process.


A state of connectedness engulfed me; I felt connected; Connected to Nature; Connected to a being that I once thought of as a pointless creation of an Infinite being.

My finger twitched and the mirror lapsed into a beautiful short lived harmonical echo.


Flap, Flap and Flap..


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Taken on August 30, 2012