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and its all cause of you.


Oh and I got tagged again, this time by Usman O.o


1~ I'm a dreamer. I loathe tying myself down by limitations.

2~ I doodle a lot. like A LOT. whether I'm on the fone with someone or listening to songs.

3~ 3 teddy bears are always sitting on my bed.

4~ I'm very ticklish and I laugh a lot.

5~ I used to sing, but now I don't.

6~ I love origami and maggie noodles! :D

7~ I feel, I'm on my highest - not when people appreciate my stuff but when I know myself that I've done a good job!

8~ I'm like a little kid, who'd illuminate at the sight of cotton candy!

9~ I love anything to do with bokehs! :D *yum*



Thanks! :D


From the flickr.com/photos/v1nz/sets/72157613317769507/ series.


Stock: sxc.hu

Cloud & Feather Brushes: DeviantART



God bless you all! :D <33


*This shot made it to the Cover Art of the new book, I Emma Freke. =)*

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