UZIMAG2 Björn Olsson


A rare portrait of Björn Olsson, founder of The Soundtrack of Our Lives and Union Carbide Productions. Today producer of the most well-known Swedish rock & pop bands in Sweden.

DVD consists of three sections; music promovideo and documentary of Björn in Bohuslän. Four music videos never before aired from a musical filmproject called CIRCVM. And a work in progress-material about a concert trip to NYC in '99.

Front cover show the view from a roof in NYC,1999. The inside spread shows Björn with his guitar outside a cave in Bohuslän.

When opening the DVD, the disc is pushed forward by a special "claw".

Pictures in this set is screenshots of video material, transfered from vintage VHS tapes and Super-8 reels.

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Released in late summer 2008.

Cover design by Anders Bolin, Mikael Mattsson and Marcel Tuores (+ photos).

(All material is copyrighted by Björn Olsson and Marcel Tuores)
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