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What are the UX tools we could use to change the perception of StreetWise? And what SHOULD it be anyway?

This is Andrew Benedict-Nelson of Insight Labs (Twitter: @digitialagitator). I'll be following the StreetWise group at the UX4Good event throughout the day.


UX designers are currently meeting with StreetWise Executive Director Jim LoBianco about the problems the organization faces. It's interesting how much of the conversation revolves around public perception. According to LoBianco, the organization already understands the difficulties faced by its brand. He and the group have discussed ways of improving that brand through traditional tools such as new visuals, smarter slogans, and an improved organization Web site -- ideas already percolating within the organization.


But the UX designers seem to be taking it to the next level. How can the public perception of StreetWise be changed through the experience of the organization itself? The variety of consumer interactions being used as sources in this conversation is pretty incredible -- everything from loyalty rewards programs to deal-a-day companies like Groupon to online games like Farmville on Facebook. All kinds of ideas are coming out of this base of experience -- but how will it all translate to an interaction that, at present, occurs not online but between two people on the street? I'm excited to see how the two sides meet over the rest of the day.

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Taken on January 29, 2011