From the photos I have seen so far this even looked fuckin amazing!! Well done SKAM & everyone involved!! this photo by BRITA A's was pretty cool.
If you know em, note & tag em!!

  1. Spire [NBS,SF]- trade break [deleted] 73 months ago | reply

    damn i wish i could've gone!

  2. navin J photos 73 months ago | reply

    yeah super glad to have been part of this from all the pics i saw it was pretty epic

  3. SKAM sticker 73 months ago | reply

    im so drained from this event......

    sticker nerds 2 cost me many sacrafices

    i lost a job over it
    my girl almost killed me after not seeing me for a month
    had the venue pissed at me after the event because shit barf from seattle tagged up the neighborhood
    had some family issues with them not understanding this took up weeks of my life to do.....

    i just hope the community is happy with it.....

  4. Under Water Pirates© / UWP© - *SB *33 *VII 73 months ago | reply

    your sacrifices show man. The photos don't lie - it looked/looks like an amazing event.
    I tip my hat to you sir

  5. navin J photos 73 months ago | reply

    i am personally very grateful to you man thanks sooo much for the effort and all you gave up to put on such an awesome show from all the comments and shit i have seen you have got nothing other than praise and respect for all your efforts if you could make money off that somehow you wouldnt need a job and could by your girl some flowers or a can of beans then take her to spend time with your family maybe eat the beans and use the flowers as a nice center piece

  6. A.N.T.A. 73 months ago | reply

    It seriously shows, the event looked amazing!

  7. EgadsOne 73 months ago | reply

    thank you SKAM. much love and respect for all your hard work and dedication. turned out great. big ups

  8. CHOTCH-EEE!!! 73 months ago | reply

    Props :) 143. Skam ;)

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