GROUNDBREAKER is a collective of design thinkers, innovation champions, creative boffins, open-sourcers, systems magicians, and curiosity-buffs who are partaking in a series of interactions to explore and build new tools for collaborative innovation.
Good ideas have a chemistry of their own. Some percolate and bubble up via the accidental interactions of unsuspecting visionaries. Others are forged in the intensive pressure cooker of process-formulated labs. Innovation is taking a turn towards the collective.
GROUNDBREAKER is co-creating a series of hands-on workshops, debates and digital discussions taking place June 27 to August 17 in the Object Gallery. New tools of crowd-sourcing and open-sourcing will be enacted in the physical realm of design work- shopping in order to build the infectious energy and methods required to break into new ground in collective innovation.
The GROUNDBREAKER hypothesis is that Crowd-Share Innovation Methods are the means by which problems of the future will be solved.
Together we can explore and test this.
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