2016/2017 Partnering with Architectural Engineering Faculty & Students
Technical specialists with Facilities Operations and Maintenance (FOM) were contacted by Associate Professor Ying Xu from the Department of Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering (CAEE) to schedule two building system tours during the semester to supplement learning in this foundational course. The two tours provide an opportunity for the department's students to get a real-life look at the building systems they learn about in class. The first tour is held early in the semester, as shown here from a tour held October 11, 2016. A group of CAEE students got an insider's look at the Neural and Molecular Science Building (NMS) operations, including the systems and mechanical rooms. NMS, one of UT's newer facilities, was completed in 2005. Tour guides on hand from FOM were Brian Stokes, mechanical engineer; Alex Hershey, electrical engineer, and Darnell Mack, electrical engineer. These experienced engineers helped the students see the importance of designing for the operational and energy efficiency aspects of buildings, while still making provisions for future maintenance. The second tour is held later in the semester, as shown here from a tour held April 11, 2017. The students toured an older facility, the Robert Lee Moore Hall (RLM), which was completed in 1972. Randy Hooper, the Engineering and Technical Support manager with FOM, pointed out the structural differences between the two buildings, such as the way they were built and how the equipment is laid out. Building codes have changed since 1972 as well, so those differences are also pointed out. For example, water pipes are no longer found over electrical systems. The tours provide an excellent opportunity for Facilities Services to partner with UT faculty in support of the university's mission to educate our students in meaningful ways.
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