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~Balloon fest - homage to Pieter Brueghel~






This image reminded me a lot of the medieval, 'busy with life and people', paintings by the old Dutch Master Pieter Brueghel. So i dedicated it to him (((:


Balloon Fest , Los Globos (Baloon launching) day in Ajijic!

This had been a long tradition in my village, at the end of every rainy season....... when our local mountains are green and everything is still moist, the Chinese Paper Balloon event is staged. All balloons are created by local "teams" working late night hours to glue colorful Chinese paper together into shapes and designs, making some incredible beautiful and some very large balloons. Some of these creations fly very high and far, but unfortunately most of them burn up as soon as a breeze tilts the balloon and the thin paper catches fire from the burning, rag-covered and petroleum-soaked ring inside of them. Just like this little guy here... high up in the sky… just started to burn. Then these burning balloons fall down... into the crowd underneath… or they land in tree tops… or on top of the roofs of nearby houses!! Thus the event is staged at the end of the rainy season !!! And no, there are no cedar–roof tiles in this country, still it is dangerous and everyone has to watch out. ! Crowds of young boy's consider it a sport to catch the still burning ring and take it home as a trophy!!!!

I have taken some 150 shots yesterday... of:


the balloon field,

balloon launching

colorful globos (ballons)

amazing globos

the biggest globos

globos that just weren’t designed to fly

globos in the air

burning globos

falling globos

kids playing with burning globos

globos falling on top of me

thongs of people

gringo crowds watching

people shooting off cell phones and all kinds of cameras...

and many, many more (((:


for the GhostWorks Texture Competition #19

thank you, Texture by SkeletalMess/Ghostworks:

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Uploaded on September 13, 2010