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~la ofrenda en la noche de muertos~

Day of the Dead Bread - a traditional offering on all Mexican altars on the Day of the Dead - here on a Talavera plate placed on top of my painting "Noche de Muertos".


This year i baked the traditional Pan de Muerto (((:

- basically a yeast/milk dough, but adding anis seed (hard to find, so i used Anise liquor) and... very important: zest of 1 lemon and 1 orange) - divide the dough into 7 parts, 6 i used for small loaves and the 7th i shaped the "bones" and little balls for decorating my Pan de Muerto. hot out of the oven i brushed the loaves with butter and sprinkled them with sugar! Oh they are good ((((:


here is a video how to create those little boney decorations and shape the loaves (((:


Pan de Muerto

Makes 6 small loaves


The ingredients:


250 gr all-purpose flour ( i needed to add quite a bit more flour in order to be able to work the dough and not have it all sticky)

50 gr sugar

1 package dry yeast (7 gr)

75 gr butter, at room temperature

2 TBSP orange blossom water (that's a soup spoons)

1 pinch salt

100 ml milk

2 eggs

zest of one lime and one orange


and for brushing on when taking loaves hot out of the oven:

2 TBSP butter (that's soup spoon)

1 cup of sugar (that's 200 g)

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Taken on October 31, 2006