"Under-the-Sea" Bees
Seabee Divers

There have been Seabee divers for nearly as long as there have been Seabees. During World War II a certain number of Seabees were trained as divers and served with the regular Seabee battalions. They performed underwater construction tasks where necessary during base construction. Seabees also were found in the Naval Combat Demolition Units and Underwater Demolition Teams formed during the war to destroy offshore and beach obstacles before assault landings.

Following WWII, there were no specific Seabee diving units until 1973 when two underwater construction teams, UCT 1 and UCT 2, were established. The two units are composed of highly skilled builder-divers, trained to carry out construction in underwater environments.

Naval Civil Engineering Laboratory

The Naval Civil Engineering Laboratory and Evaluation Laboratory (CERELAB) officially opened at Port Hueneme on 23 January 1950. CERELAB’s mission was “to undertake research leading to development and evaluation of construction materials, equipment, and techniques as assigned by the Bureau of Yards and Docks, in order to promote the efficiency of continental and overseas construction and the usefulness of the Naval Construction Force.” On 29 July 1958, the Secretary of the Navy enlarged these functions to include advance bases and amphibious operations, while changing the name to the U.S. Naval Civil Engineering Laboratory to better reflect the wider scope of their mission. The lab is still active today.
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