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LHCb sees Standard Model in the mix

The LHCb investigations of strange B mesons (B-zero-s) have yielded more and important results. Measurements of the difference in B-zero-s and anti-B-zero-s rates of decay (in this case to J/Psi and Phi particles) give a result that is slightly more positive, favoring matter over antimatter, than the Standard Model prediction. The graph above shows the LHCb result for this asymmetry (phi-s) plotted versus the difference in width difference between matter and antimatter signals. Abstract stuff: but two items stand out. First, compared to the CDF and D0 results from Fermilab the average is pretty much smack on the Standard Model. Second, the experimental errors are still large and more precision in the LHCb measurements will eventually tells us if the Standard Model stands up or there is New Physics in these decays.


Credit: Copyright CERN for the LHCb Collaboration.''

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Taken on September 12, 2011