Utah Rare Plants
The Utah Ecological Services Field Office provides biological advice to other federal and state agencies, industry, and members of the public concerning the conservation of fish and wildlife and their habitat that may be affected by development activities.

Staff assess the potential effects of projects to migratory birds, endangered species, and other fish and wildlife. In Utah these projects typically include activities such as agriculture, mining, utility lines, dredge and fill activities, dam and reservoir operations, oil and gas leasing, and highway construction. Staff also assess the effects of contaminants on fish and wildlife.

We make recommendations regarding ways to avoid, minimize, or compensate for harmful impacts on fish and wildlife resources and their habitats. The primary areas of responsibility for the Utah Ecological Services Field Office include: contaminant assessments, endangered species, federal project reviews, and wetlands conservation.

For more information visit: www.fws.gov/utahfieldoffice/index.html
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