Santa Cruz Cypress
The Santa Cruz cypress (Hesperocyparis abramsiana) is a tree in the cypress family found in the Santa Cruz Mountains of Santa Cruz and San Mateo Counties, California. It occurs in patches within a mosaic of coastal chaparral and mixed evergreen forests located on dry ridges inland from the coastal fog belt. There are five known populations that span a range of 15 miles from north to south totaling approximately 188 acres.

With mature trees averaging 20-30 feet (6-10 meters) in height, Santa Cruz cypress can live to be 100 years old. They reach reproductive maturity and begin producing cones at an average age of 11 years and slowly release seeds throughout life; each cone bears 8-10 seeds.

Like most cypress species, Santa Cruz cypress do not resprout after a fire and are completely dependent on seed establishment for post-disturbance regeneration.
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