ICEL Lidia Bastianich Event 2/6
On the evening of February 6th, over 80 friends of ICEL gathered at the home of USF trustee Joan McGrath to raise funds for scholarships for ICEL students. The star of the show was Lidia Bastianich, celebrity chef and friend of Steve Katsouros, S.J., and of Catholic education. USF president Steve Privett, S.J., in keeping with our special guest, discussed the “recipe” for success in Catholic education, the key ingredient being ICEL. Joan McGrath spoke about the urgency of ICEL’s work as Catholic educational institutions struggle with sustainability. Lidia Bastianich expressed gratitude for her children’s Catholic educations and recalled how she partnered with the teachers and administrators at her daughter’s and son’s schools. ICEL director Steve Katsouros, S.J., spoke about ICEL’s influence on educators called to navigate the many complexities in today’s Catholic school environment. Guests feasted on recipes inspired by Lidia. All participants enjoyed a delightful and delicious evening, and all came away with a renewed enthusiasm for Catholic education and for the mission of ICEL.
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