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Handing off the samples at the Pacific Sound Resources cleanup site

Dive tenders Lisa Macchio and Tim Siwiec from EPA take solid phase microextraction devices from diver Brent Richmond, EPA. What are those and why?


EPA divers often are required to dive at Superfund sites to determine if the cleanup is working. At the Pacific Sound Resources site, EPA divers placed and retrieved these devices which absorb site contaminants over a period of time. Later, these rods are sectioned at the lab to determine whether or not bottom, or benthic, life would be exposed and verify that the protective cap is still functioning. The EPA Region 10 dive boat "Monitor" is visible in the background.


For more information on this project: www.epa.gov/region10/pdf/diveteam/psr_cap_survey_092010.pdf


Photo by Sean Sheldrake, EPA. For more information on the EPA dive unit, see: www.epa.gov/region10/dive/


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Taken on October 2, 2010