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A visual overview of the product, which consists of 29 separate vinyl panels (durable, waterproof, and easy to clean). The diameter of each Solar System object is true-to-scale, as are the orbital distances of all satellites. Each panel notes the correct distance to the adjoining panels, with measurements in feet, meters, and "paces" (the included instructions define a "pace" as a three-foot stride). When the panels are laid out according to these directions, then the distance between each Solar System object is also true-to-scale. (For size reference, the green ruler at lower left is one foot long, and the T-square above it is three feet long.) Each Solar System object has its own smart phone code, which links to a webpage with some basic info about that object, as well as links to more detailed information. So in addition to the physical panels shown here, the product includes a digital aspect as well.

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Uploaded on April 9, 2016